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Providing Better Payment Processing
Rates & Security
for Fuel Oil and Propane Companies

Hoot Payment Solutions was started in order to provide a better solution for fuel oil and propane companies who were struggling with high transaction fees and inflexible systems. Energy companies often try to avoid customer credit card payments because of high fees. But that doesn’t allow those companies to offer the level of service they strive to deliver.¬†Hoot Payment Solutions has found a way to lower your fees and allow you to offer the services your customers expect without the cost that is typically involved. Our suite of payment processing solutions allows energy customers to pay from anywhere in the world, via a wide range of payment types. It also affords fuel oil and propane companies lower transaction rates, more in-depth reporting, and a seamless integration with their website or accounting software.


Why Choose Hoot?

Hoot is designed to optimize payment processing for the future of the energy industry. Fast and flexible, our payment processing solutions adapt with the times and allow fuel oil and propane customers to always provide their customers with a simple way to pay. Here are just a few aspects of Hoot that set us apart from the competition:



Transparent Rates


Energy Industry-Specific Interface


Unparalleled Support


PCI DSS Compliant


Real-Time Reporting


Next-Day Funding

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